Where To Find Free English Essays For Kids: Top 5 Places

Whether you are a teacher who is trying to come up with sample copies of essay for your classroom or you’re a parent looking for ways to help your children learn the craft of writing, there are several places where you can go to find free English essays suitable for kids. Here are the top five places for you to consider:

  • Academic Paper Depository
  • If you’ve ever tried searching for free English essays you may have come upon one of the many academic paper depositories. These websites gather content and makes it available for everyone’s use. You’re allowed to download the material and are encouraged to use them as samples, making them ideal for educational purposes. Just be sure that you review the content before copying any information. With thousands of essays in storage it’s likely that there will be some pieces that are outdated.

  • Online Teacher Resource Sites
  • Whether you are a teacher or a parent, you should familiarize yourself with at least one or two teacher resource websites. Along with lesson plans, activities, and practice quizzes you should be able to find several sample essays perfect for children. These resources are updated often so revisiting these sites a few times a year will provide you with even more content to use in class or at home.

  • English Curriculum Books
  • Taking a trip to your local library or even purchasing online, an English curriculum book is an excellent resource for free English essays for kids of all levels. A lot of the samples are structure to help students systematically learn all of the major components of a well-structured paper – from introductory paragraphs all the way to the conclusion. Curriculum books tend to go through a new edition every few years, so you can save money by purchasing one of the older yet still relevant editions.

  • English Composition Handouts
  • Teachers are often equipped with several different composition handouts at the beginning of each school year. If you are a parent wanting to give your child the chance to have a little extra practice learning how to compose a great paper, then speak with your child’s teacher to see if you can get a copy of one of these handouts.

  • Academic Testing Sites
  • This last suggestion is one that many people don’t often consider, yet it holds some of the best collections of sample papers a student can easily learn from. Testing sites are filled with resources designed to help students advance their test-taking abilities. When it comes to written assignments, this means showing them how to craft a well-written paper within a certain amount of time.

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