A List Of Unique Expository Essay Topics For 5th Grade Students

Fifth grade is a year of discovery and exploration. The students are getting a better grasp of who they are and what interests they hold. An expository essay will explore a specific idea and then systematically develop an idea or a solution on that subject. An example might be a student writing about over weight young people and recommending that a school run garden would help children to eat correctly, and therefore lose weight.

If the teacher allows the student to pick his or her own topic, this can be fun. The 5th grader will want to write about some thing that he is knowledgeable in or something he or she wishes to know more about in the future. If given this assignment, use our list of unique expository essay topics for 5th graders.

List of Unique Expository Essay Topics for 5th Graders

  • My favorite book and why it is the best book ever written-this age students are really beginning to explore their favorite genres.
  • How a regular student can make the world a better place-these kids are very conscious of their world and what is wrong with it. Their solution ideas would be very unique.
  • The cost of college and why it should be free-these kids are thinking of the colleges they want to attend. And every child that age thinks they will attend college, but the finances may say otherwise.
  • Why fine arts should be in schools and how we can make this happen-many public schools have sadly removed their fine arts’ programs, this is tragic for a child strong in the arts’ field. It would be interesting to see the solutions the students develop on this topic.
  • Bullying and how we can stop it at schools and in the entire world-every school, unfortunately, has bullies. Kids this age are very concerned about this horrible situation. The cycle has to stop.
  • Animal abuse and why it happens-students in 5th grade care about animals. They are fully aware of the incidents of animal abuse. This unique expository topic would be very good for the 5th grade animal lover. He or she can come up with solutions to stop the problem.
  • Pollution at our school and how we can stop it-the children are concerned about the environmental conditions of their school. Many of these schools are going green and focusing on pollution. This would be a great and unique expository essay topic.

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