Modern American History

This essay is aimed to analyze the modern history of the United States of America, to determine its most important parts and evaluate most remarkable events.

The Modern part of American history started just after the end of World War II in 1945. At this time, the United States becomes the world's superpower with a global influence not only in economics, politics and military affairs, but also in cultural and technological spheres. On December 4, 1945, the US Congress approved the entry to the United Nations, thereby moving away from the traditional isolationist policy towards bigger involvement to the international relations. The post-war era has also been defined as the beginning of the Cold War in which the United States and the Soviet Union tried to increase their influence on other countries. They started nuclear arms race and created the doctrine of mutual destruction. As a result, there was a series of conflicts and wars, including the Korean War, Cuban Missile Crisis and Vietnam War. At the same time Space Race (1955–1972) during the Cold War ended with one of the biggest world history event: Neil Armstrong became a first human, who set foot on the Moon in July 21, 1969.  

In 1982, the United States experienced a recession: the unemployment rate and the numbers of bankruptcies were close to the level of the Great Depression. However, due to correct anti-crisis actions of the government soon the situation changed dramatically: inflation fell from 10.3% to 3.2%, the unemployment rate decreased from 10.8 to 7.2%, while economic growth increased from 4.5% to 7.2%. Ronald Reagan stuck to a hard line against the Soviet Union, declaring it as an "Evil Empire". It was a new critical point in world history, but, the Soviet Union finally collapsed in 1991, putting an end to the Cold War.

The second half of the 90-s was marked by an unusual and very long economic growth, which caused a huge increase in public and private investment in technology and economy. As a result, the US economy was modernized with an incredible speed, making it one of the strongest countries in the world.

A terrible terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York changed the world on September 11, 2001. After it, the United States started an active terrorist operation that ended with the war in Iraq.

To conclude, it is necessary to say, that the nowadays US is one of the strongest countries in the world, which has great influences on all the most important and critical events, all around the globe.

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