Authoritarianism In The Middle East

While most of the developing countries all over the world have reformed from authoritarianism and ushered in democracy and democratic types of governments, the Middle East still holds the authoritarian regime. They have stagnated and completely refused change. The form of governance is in favor of those in power and politics. It remains questionable why other nations have accepted the change and Middle East remains authoritarian and does not allow democracy. Authoritarianism denies citizens rights to exercise democracy. However, there is a number of reasons that support and encourage authoritarianism in the Middle East.

Reasons for Authoritarianism in the Middle East

One of the reasons why authoritarianism remains dominant in the Middle East is the presence of weak civil society. Strong civil societies can pressure these governments to bring real change for the benefit of the people in Middle East. The fact that civil societies are weak means that there is no one to speak for the people. No one sensitizes people on their rights and no one mobilizes the people against authoritarianism in the Middle East. There is therefore the need for strong civil societies to help air the voice of the people to fight authoritarianism in the Middle East. Labor Unions in Middle East are weak and do not fight for worker’s rights. This highly contributes to the dominance in authoritarianism in the Middle East. The other reason is that in the Middle East the largest part of the economy is controlled by the government. The private sector has a very small portion of the economy. This has led to dominance in Authoritarianism in the Middle East. The other factor that encourages authoritarianism in the Middle East is the fact that the larger part of the Middle East population consist of poor and illustrate people. With illiteracy, people do not even know what rights they need or even how they can air their dissatisfactions with the authoritarianism system in the Middle East. The other reason is that the political systems in these countries do not make or come up with reforms that encourage democracy.

American Democracy Promotion in the Middle East

This aims at advocacy for authoritarian nations to come up with reforms that support and encourage democracy in the regions. These reforms could help reduce the increase in terrorism in Authoritarian nations in the Middle East. Democracy promotion encourages governments to come up with strategies and engage people and civil societies for the promotion of more peaceful nations.

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