Domestic Violence

There are a lot of assumptions made about both the victims and the perpetrators of domestic violence. In fact men, women and children can all be victims of domestic violence.

When talking about Domestic Violence it is usually assumed that the victims are usually women or children, but there are an increasing number of cases where men are the victims of domestic violence.

It is very hard for a man to admit that he is the victim of violence in his own home. There have been some situations where men have turned up for work looking worse for wear with black eyes and bruising, and it is assumed that they have been fighting other men. This can open a whole can of worms as they can then get labelled as being violent (with no apparent evidence), or brawling or it is assumed that they drink a lot and get into fights that way. It is so hard for any man who has been brought up to believe that they should not hit women to be attacked by the woman he loves. Help is available, but it is difficult to ask for help let alone accept that help. When a child is the victim or witnesses domestic violence they often feel that they cannot share the problem with anyone either in the family let alone outside of the family. May children carry the images and the psychological scarring throughout their life and it can have a detrimental effects on their relationships, their ability to trust people and their own expectations of life.

When a woman is the victim of domestic violence it is usually assumed that it is a man that has attacked her. Domestic violence can happen in same sex relationships. Sometimes there may be no particular reason why this happens but it is usual that one of the partnership has been a victim of abuse in the past or has had a history of violent relationships.

Acts of Domestic Violence are usually unprovoked by the victim, it usually that they are the closest ‘punch bag’ when the violent partner has been using drugs or has been drinking. Ally common in all incidents and that is the ‘violent’ partner or parent will usually blame the victim for the attack, saying that they made them do it. When they have calmed down they will then usually apologise and say that they will never do it again. But in reality that is not the case.

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