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A critical evaluation review of a dissertation simply refers to analysis and evaluation of the project. Coming up with a good critical evaluation requires one to understand the project, and know how to analyze and evaluate the project using the correct criteria. Critical evaluation review is mostly based on the literary review of a dissertation. Below is a basic instruction and steps of writing a critical evaluation review of a dissertation.

Reading critically

It is of importance for one to skim through the whole text to determine the thesis, structure and methodology. This aides in understanding how the different parts fit together once one begins to read keenly. After understanding what has been read, it is also important to challenge it. One has to examine how the dissertation is structured, types of evidences used to support the conclusion, and whether the dissertation is based on underlying assumptions or theoretical framework.

Analyzing the dissertation

All elements are examined .The structures, the methods, the reasons and evidence, the conclusions and the logical connections between all these should be considered. Types of queries raised depend on the type of research one is doing. Analysis is done basing on different parameters including; synthesis, significance, coverage, methodology, and rhetoric.


In terms of coverage, the dissertation specifically the review has to justify the literature inclusions and exclusions.


Under synthesis, the literature has to distinguish between what needs to be done and what has already performed in this field. The literature review of the dissertation has to place the researching the historical context of the field and also place the topic in the wider academic literature. Also with regard to synthesis, the review needs to be obtained and improved the topic vocabulary, articulated crucial variables and phenomenon pertinent to the topic and also to have created and obtained a new perception on the literature.


The dissertation has to defend by giving enough reasons the practical importance of the research dilemma. Enough reasons have to be argued out in the literature review ascertaining why undertaking the research is of importance. Also the dissertation has to have a rationalized scholarly significance of the research problem.


Rhetoric aspect of the dissertation tries to ascertain if the review was written in a manner that is rational and has a clear structure that could support it.


The thesis has to been formulated basing on the general evaluation of the dissertation. One has to ensure that their review covers the answer to the assignment and also choose a structure that will best allow one to support their review within the required page constraints.

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