How To Write An Essay Very Quickly: 5 Great Hints

Whether you just don’t want to take a long time writing the paper or it is due rather quickly, there are ways that you can write an essay very quickly. Nobody wants to spend all day writing an essay and there are people who have learned how to produce a good paper with the minimal amount of work possible. Here are 5 great hints that will get it done quickly:

  1. 1. Choose a good topic
  2. You need to choose a topic that interests you and one that you know a lot about. Choosing a topic is the first step and will make the rest either harder or easier. It will be harder if you choose a topic that is not interesting or one without enough information on it. It should be specific enough that you can make one statement about it that can be supported by three solid facts.

  3. 2. Create an outline
  4. Create a plan so you can focus your paper and your efforts. Your thesis statement is your focus. The introduction needs to include any information that helps someone with no knowledge of the issue understand the focus. You will need to think of at least three reasons why your statement is true. These reasons will become the focus of the body paragraphs.

  5. 3. Add transitions
  6. This is the easiest way to help your paper flow while adding to the word count. You will create a link between the previous topic and the new topic. You can have one at the beginning and end of the paragraph or one at the beginning or one at the end. It creates a nice paper and prevents your reader from getting lost.

  7. 4. Use five-paragraph format
  8. You need an introduction, a body paragraph on your first supporting fact, one on your second supporting fact, one on your third supporting fact, and then a conclusion. You will include the transitional phrases between each paragraph. The transition from introduction to the body paragraph number one is the thesis statement.

  9. 5. Editing
  10. Even though you want to quickly write your paper, you still need to include some time for the editing. It is a major part of your paper and will need to make sure not to skip it. You can write a subpar paper and then not catch the mistakes. You never want to hand in a paper with editing it first.

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