The Effects Deployments And Divorce Have On Military Families

Deployment can be a very emotional process for military families and in some cases it may some long lasting or permanent effects. There have so many studies which have showed that deployments have adverse impacts on military families as the whole emotional cycle associated with deployment is at times difficult to go through. This article highlights the effects of deployments and divorce on military families.

The average time period associated with deployment is six months or more, and in this time period, the family members of a military family go through a full emotional cycle. According to the research, there are five different phases attributed to the emotional cycle of deployment. These phases are: pre-deployment phase, the deployment phase, sustainment phase, re-deployment phase, and the post-deployment phase. The pre-deployment phase takes place before deployment begins and it includes the stress related to the upcoming separation of the family. The deployment phase takes place in the first month of deployment in which all the family members are under the stress of separation. The sustainment phase takes place when the family accepts the deployment and adjusts with the normal life. The re-deployment phase occurs a short time before the end of deployment when both the soldier and the family anticipate meeting each other after a long time and attempt to determine the things that may have changed in the meanwhile. The post-deployment phase includes readjusting with the family members.

This emotional cycle may be too difficult for some military families as the stress of separating, living for a long time in entirely different conditions, and meeting again may be too much to handle. In some scenarios, soldiers coming back from deployment carry the stress of the warzone which affects their personality and family members may notice a significant change in the mood and behavior of the soldier. This may lead towards further complications, and in some cases, divorce which may also worsen the situation for a military family.

There may be certain safeguards to ensure that the effects of deployment or divorce are mitigated. These may include: establishing a support network that can help the military families during the deployment phase and family counselling for soldiers who come back. This may help smoothen the whole deployment process which is otherwise considered to be highly stressful for the family members. With counseling and support, families and soldiers will be in a better position to know what behavior to expect from each other.

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