Job Satisfaction

In many organizations, few workers are satisfied with their jobs. This is because people seek for jobs in order to meet their financial demands. The idea of job satisfaction is usually the last thing to think of. Still, there are employees who have little idea on what their jobs entail until they start working. After a while, they realize that they were wrong about their career dreams and fantasies. Nonetheless, in this essay, it is proven that job satisfaction can be achieved by changing an individual’s attitude and expectations.

Working For Compensation and Career Development versus Working for Passion

To start with, many people work with the idea that they will get good compensation in the end. They will, therefore, not be satisfied with jobs that do not pay well. Others seek for promotion as they try to get career development. Such people will keep moving from one company to another. On the other hand, an employee who is driven by passion will be willing to work regardless of the amount of compensation given- or lack of it- or even the prestige. Such people are easier to work with and will last in one company for a long time. This proves that the expectations that people have will determine how satisfied they will be with a given job.

Depressed People and a Negative Attitude towards Work

People who are depressed will be frustrated with anything- including their jobs. Thus, though they may be well compensated and given opportunities for career development, they will still not be satisfied. If the same people are able to stop entertaining negative thoughts and thus become optimistic, they will be productive at work and even love their jobs. Still, managing various setbacks at the workplace and embracing weaknesses can help change the productivity of an employee.

Indeed, employees will get better job satisfaction if they change their expectations. They should be ready to settle for less compensation and fewer opportunities to grow in their career. At the same time working for passion can bring about some level of fulfillment in life. Further still, employers who encourage their employees to change their attitude towards work will bring in a transformation to the work place. Also, employers must be ready to change their attitude towards the workers and the further reward them for their effort. This reduces work conflict and further improves the welfare of the workers. Ultimately, job satisfaction can be achieved easily by changing a worker’s attitude and eliminating the unrealistic expectations.

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