Cigarette Advertising

The issue of Cigarette Advertising has been talked about for a very long time. Many countries have taken on the initiative and banned cigarette advertising. The United Kingdom is on the lead and has banned all conspicuous forms of cigarette advertising. Other people, however, debate that this does not help. Those that want to smoke will still smoke even if there are no adverts. In the UK, cigarette advertising has only been left with very limited space. They banned the advertisement through promotions and sponsorships in July 2003. However, cigarette advertisement may tale other forms that most governments may not be able to restrict or even ban. Take for example in a movie. Many movies have characters that are portrayed as smokers. This may not be a direct form of advertisement but it indirectly promotes cigarette smoking. Fighting cigarette advertisements is thus one of the difficult things to fight.

Forms of Cigarette Advertising

Though cigarette advertisements have been banned in most countries, companies still find a way of advertising their products. The most conspicuous means was above the line advertisements. This is the form that includes the use of billboards and the media. This form has been banned in most countries in the attempt to bring down the smoking habit. It is the most efficient form of advertisement used for many products. It also includes the use of television and newspapers. At the present, cigarette advertising through this means is entirely banned. The other mode is below the line advertisement. This does not reach many people and is thus not considered as a threat by many governments. This includes the enhancement of the public relations and point of sale displays. This is believed to reach only the interested parties. It is viewed as a competition among the brands. It also includes push promotions, trade discounts and sales promotions.

The effect of banning cigarette advertising

Cigarette advertising promotes smoking. Therefore, banning the advertising has a positive influence. Many people just smoke because they want to identify with certain adverts that they have seen. Countries that have banned cigarette advertising have achieved a decline in the smoking habit with very few beginners as compared to other countries. However, the below the line advertisement still got a catch on the youths. Some will not be aware of the brands and will just get to smoking because of adverts. Therefore, partial banning of the advertising may not yield many results.

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