Unforgettable Experience

Experiences define us. Without them we are empty shells. In a world of dizzying consumer delights we can feel like purchasing provides us with all we need to get by. Consumption is an experience. But it is one that dulls with time. We build tolerance unless we are able to continually buy and consuming more and more enticing and exciting commodities.

When people talk about ‘real’ experiences I think what they are really trying to get at is an unforgettable experience. An experience that is authentic and not necessarily the outcome of spending capital. Watching the sunset or achieving something in a sports match. Advertisers understand this and seek to infiltrate these authentic, unforgettable experiences (remember when you scored at that game?) with products. They blankly state that their product will not only heighten the experience but it will make the experience easier to repeat. Who wouldn’t want that?

You shouldn’t. You should strive for the new experience. One theory about why as we get older time seems to go more quickly is because we are experiencing new things less frequently. When you are young you have these new experiences every year, moving from class to class, from year to year, getting your first period, your first pubic hair, your first blowjob, your first whatever.

Once we leave childhood and adolescent we still experience new things, but with less regularity unless we push ourselves to do so. We can only be sure that we will experience new things in a negative way if we do nothing. The first missed bill, the first warning letter, the first noticed of final payment, the first visit from debt collectors. These are unforgettable experiences that we would really like to forget- the point being not everything unforgettable is like that for good reasons.

The desire for real experience is unlikely to be tempered for long by things that do not engage our senses in a multifaceted way. We are orchestras that need balance and depth at the right times. Else we turn into addicts obsessed only with one experience or set of experiences be it drugs, shopping, or fucking.

How many unforgettable experiences have you had? As you recount them to yourself do you find that you are able to think of more experiences? Situations with the same people, that happened in the same place, when the weather was the same, when you felt a similar emotion? Enjoy your past memories, your memory needs to be used, remembering those past times will spur you on to do more things, more unforgettable experiences.

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