Energy Sources Renewable And Nonrenewable

When you think about energy sources, there are two kinds renewable and nonrenewable. Nonrenewable energy comes in four sources, natural gas, oil, coal, and nuclear, these resources are in limited supply because it take time to replenish the resource. Renewable resources are things like geothermal, biomass, water, wind, and solar. These resources are replenished naturally and in a short amount of time. These renewable resources have been used since the beginning of time to help people live. In earlier times, wood was used to cook and heat, wind and water was used in the milling of grains, and even solar power was used to light fires.

It wasn’t until about one hundred and fifty years ago that we started to use fossils to get our energy resources. That was about the time that the technology was created to extract the energy from them. These replaced the simple renewable energies available to the public. Fossil fuels are a big part of the energy market and we are always coming up with new ideas for new renewable energies to help the public. The industry of nonrenewable and renewable energies is growing but each side has different challenges they have to face. Like limited resources, i.e. fossil fuels and how they effect the environment, which has lead to the interest in renewable energies and the technology to develop them.

Solar power is one of the most popular renewable energy that people are looking into. This is because it can be used to light our house and heat it and it saves money in the long run because then the household is less dependent on fossil fuels. There is also now hybrid cars that will run on electric and gas. This gives the consumer the option to choose what they use in their car. We need to take a look at the big picture and figure out how we can use both of these kinds of resources to help lower our burden on fossil fuels. They take a long time to replenish themselves and we have to consider that one day they might run out. But if we use things like solar power to help offset the use of them, this will make them last longer and give them time to replenish themselves for future use. We can’t just set around and do nothing; we need a change in our energy sources now not later.

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