A List Of Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics For 8th Graders

A persuasive assignment is the type of paper that requires the students to convince the audience of their ideas and opinions. The writer has to make sure that he has logical arguments, which he will prove with strong supporting evidence. The readers will not like to agree to something without seeing any proof or evidence. You cannot convince someone of your ideas unless you do not have proof and factual support for it.

The best way to write a winning persuasive essay is to talk about something you are passionate about. If you do not have an interest in what you are writing then you will not be able to create a strong case or convince anyone of your ideas. You should have enough motivation and interest in the subject so that you can write a winning paper about it. The topic of a persuasive essay should be an arguable statement, so that your audience can agree or disagree to it.

Interesting topics for persuasive assignments in 8th grade

If you are not sure how to choose a winning topic for your paper, then you should consider looking for help. If you brainstorm on your own and read more than a few sources then you will be able to create a good topic. Look at the prompts below to write an effective topic for your assignment

  1. 1. Students should not have the imposition to wear uniform in schools
  2. 2. Students should wear uniforms to school
  3. 3. Excess of homework is bad for students
  4. 4. Homework is never bad for students
  5. 5. Kids should go to field trips and interactive learning activities often
  6. 6. Kids love parents more
  7. 7. Parents love kids more
  8. 8. Kids should have the permission to bring pets to school
  9. 9. Is it better to watch television or play outdoor sports?
  10. 10. Children should have the flexibility of choosing their own subjects
  11. 11. Children in elementary school cannot choose their own subjects
  12. 12. Growing vegetables at home is a good solution
  13. 13. Government should ban people from smoking in public places
  14. 14. People should keep pets at their home
  15. 15. War is neither good nor bad
  16. 16. War is bad for the economy
  17. 17. Culture influences religion
  18. 18. Religion influences culture
  19. 19. Milk is better than sweets
  20. 20. Sweets are better than milk
  21. 21. Exercise encourages weight loss

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