A List Of Strong Civil War Essay Topics For College Students

Teachers often assign essay writing to students to see how well they have understood the subject, as well as to see them express their thoughts clearly. Accomplishing this work in a proper way is not an easy thing to do. Students usually experience much difficulty with choosing the right topic for the essay. If you are struggling to find a strong essay topic about the American Civil War, don't ask "write my research paper" - this list of ideas is just for you.

  1. How did the Civil War begin?
  2. What were the political causes of the Civil War?
  3. Were the economies of the Northern and Southern states different? Why?
  4. Was this military conflict inevitable?
  5. What are the greatest military figures of that period?
  6. Interesting facts about the first major battles between the North and the South.
  7. What was the role of the Seven Days Battle in the Peninsula Campaign?
  8. What are the major battles of the Eastern Theatre of the American Civil War?
  9. The importance of the First and Second Battle of Bull Run.
  10. Why does the Anaconda Plan still remain as a matter of debate?
  11. What historical event became a turning point of the conflict?
  12. Why was the capture of New Orleans so important?
  13. The naval battles and ironclads.
  14. The progress in military technologies.
  15. Horrible facts about the Andersonville Prison Camp.
  16. The cultural impact of the Civil War.
  17. How did the Civil War change the country?
  18. What were the causes of the Northern Draft Riots?
  19. How did people’s lives change?
  20. Fort Pillow Massacre: one of the most horrible events in American history.
  21. Did the status of slaves change due to this conflict?
  22. Was slavery allowed in the Border States?
  23. The impact of warfare on the railway industry.
  24. Abraham Lincoln as a commander-in-chief.
  25. Abraham Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation.
  26. Why do some people believe that Abraham Lincoln was the worst president in American history?
  27. The British views on the Civil War.
  28. The development of Anglo-American relations during this period.
  29. What were the aftermaths of the Trent Affair?
  30. The Presidential elections of 1864.
  31. Who were the Carpetbaggers and the Scalawags?
  32. Did the lives of the soldiers in both armies differ much?
  33. Why is the Gettysburg Address so well-known?
  34. The main amendments to the Confederate State Constitution.
  35. How did some people benefit from the fighting?

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