Writer's Workshop: A List Of Funny Process Analysis Essay Topics

The process analysis essay aims to teach the reader about how something works. It is not just a chronological account of the steps to complete a process but rather what goes on behind the scenes. You would write about how a clock works instead of how to read a clock. You would want to analyze how the hand moves at the right speed that it moves exactly every sixty seconds to the next minute mark.

One of the hardest things to do when starting the writing process for this type of paper is coming up with a topic to write about. If you want to make writing this paper interesting and keep it light, you will want to choose a funny process analysis essay topic. It will help you write a paper that capture's your audience and makes it easier for you to write about the topic. Here is a list of some topics that are sure to grab someone's attention.

  • How to quit smoking without going crazy
  • How to find a roommate that you can stand
  • How to really lose weight
  • How to choose the correct major the first time around
  • How to entertain your kids on a budget
  • How to have fun without alcohol involved
  • How to get something through complaining
  • How to keep peace in your household
  • How to potty train your little guy
  • How to successfully write an essay easily
  • How to pitch a curve ball
  • How to make money playing poker

These topic will get you started. Use this list to brainstorm your own ideas. it is so much easier to write a paper on a topic that you are interested in so it is usually easier to write a paper on a topic that you think up. It is a lot easier because you will likely have prior knowledge on the topic so it will make it easier to write this type of paper. If you have no clue how to do the task, don't do this paper on it unless your goal is to learn how and not to complete the task easily. You have to be an expert in the task that you are writing about to make it effective. The topic is so important, so take your time and make sure that you choose one that you can break down and explain every piece of the process to your audience.

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