How Do You Write A Good Essay Introduction On Macbeth?

To write an interesting and captivating introduction about Macbeth, you need to first visualize the whole story. Macbeth is a story by William Shakespeare that dramatizes the psychological and physical effects of political ambition for those who seek power for its own sake. In a nutshell, that’s what the whole story is based around.

There are several ways of introducing the story;

  1. Open with a question
  2. Opening with a question will leave people in suspense from the offset. If the target is to glue people to your essay and keep them wanting to read on, then there couldn’t be a better way to open the essay. And, you don’t have to pick a question for a particular place. Ask a question from anywhere within the story and let the reader wonder what will follow.

  3. Open with a quotation
  4. A popular story that was first acted in Scotland, Macbeth has so many turns and twists. You can use this to your advantage by quoting one well known line in the story. For example, you could start with a quote from the scene in which Banquo’s ghost haunts Macbeth at the dinner table.

  5. Open with a specific detail
  6. A certain detail can also be used as an introduction. Readers love specifics. If you can point them to the heat of the action and elaborate on it a bit, that reader will not dare stop reading your essay. So, start with a piece of action such as; “And Macbeth said, ‘The prince of Cumberland! That is a step on which I must fall down, or else, o’erleap.” Then elaborate a bit to. You could say something like; “This was in Act 1, Scene IV where Macbeth talks about…”

  7. Open with a story/ an anecdote
  8. An anecdote is a story within a story. People use this strategy to open essays all the time to great success. With regards to Macbeth, you can pick on any of the scenes within the general play and start with that. Just pick a place, start, and build your story around that event. Then, as you move into the body of the essay, tie the anecdote to the essay and let the entire project flow. Visit this website to see how it is done.

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