Does Ethnocentrism Promote The Idea Clash Of Civilization Idea?

Ethnocentrism is judging another culture by the ideals and practices of one’s own society or in a broader sense, culture. Going by the definition of the term, we instantly think that yes its right and in a way ethnocentrism does promote the clash of civilization idea. In some countries there is a mutual hatred in some cultures and/or religions towards others.

Now although, to a certain extent this practice is almost dead, but still it is still predominant in certain parts of the world, where there is racial discrimination and hatred towards people who are born dark. Just because some people have good features and a “brighter” color, this doesn’t give them the right of discriminating the people who are not so privileged in terms of health or have dark features in terms of color.

Ethnocentrism was at its peak in the 20th century when the German dictator Adolf Hitler murdered over 6 million Jews and left many other injured and depressed by loss of their family. Psychologists explain that in that time and also before that there was loathing towards them in many parts of the world predominantly Europe. This dislike for the Jews has also been conveyed through, arguably the best play of William Shakespeare, “The Merchant of Venice.” People hate others by stupid reasons, such as financial instability of others and even because of the fact that they are physically impaired. In India, some people of the so called “Lower” castes were ill-treated to the core and were deemed as untouchables. It was due to the greatness of Mahatma Gandhi that these people got their rights and freedom back. In some villages is distaste for some lower caste members still exists and this hatred for people is a menace for the country’s progress in the near future and even beyond that.

Another example of ethnocentrism lies in South Africa where a practice of “apartheid” was followed towards the native by the Europeans and even by the other people. The citizens couldn’t enter the clubs, coaches, trains, and other places specifically meant for the whites. Nelson Mandela was a revolutionary and a great leader who spent over 20 years behind the bars to get the people what they deserved, their rights.

So I will again try to portray the fact that that ethnocentrism will only do damage to people. People will try to finish those humans whom they have a loathing and dislike for. There will be many civilization clashes which can, one fine day, finish off the earth.

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