A List Of Intriguing Persuasive Essay Topics For College

Whenever a college student is assigned to write a persuasive essay, the problem of choosing a good topic appears. Actually, for some of them who are lazy, it is a good reason to procrastinate. However, others really have difficulties with picking the right theme. It does not matter which is a description of you; here is a list of interesting and intriguing persuasive essay topics to help you:

  • Online education is lacking in benefits.
  • Can studying from home be as positive as when you actually go to college?

  • Tattooing: it should be banned.
  • Think of whether people make the right decision by drawing pictures, which stay forever, on their bodies. Try to persuade others what actions should be taken, if any are needed at all.

  • Beauty contests decrease people’s self-esteem.
  • Think of whether such competitions may make non-winners’ feel dissatisfied with their appearances.

  • Consider what non-contestants feel, when they see somebody who has been acknowledged “the most beautiful”.
  • All printed educational materials should be replaced with electronic devices.
  • Does the shift towards the massive invasion of gadgets, in our lives, mean that the paper books in schools and colleges should be substituted with electronic appliances? Would such changes be beneficial to the process of education?

  • High walls need to be built on the borders.
  • Illegal immigration is a threat to employment in many countries. Would such constructions solve this issue and is such an idea an ethical one?

  • Recycling is the way to change the bad environmental situation.
  • Should recycling be more promoted and supported by government? How has this process affected the surroundings so far?

  • Advertisements on the highways need to be prohibited.
  • How do the billboards affect the driver’s attention? Should they be prohibited in order to decrease the rate of car accidents?

  • Death penalty for minor crimes should be legalized.
  • Consider what effects on the potential crimes such punishment would have; if people saw an example of somebody who committed an illegal act, and suffered from the consequences of his or her deed.

  • Smoking needs to be completely banned.
  • Think of the pros of such a decision concerning this bad habit. How does this addiction affect the state of a nation in general?

  • Lie detectors need to be used every time a new worker is interviewed.
  • Would such decision be ethical towards the applicants? Would it be of a great help to the businesses?

  • The school grading system is relative and should be cancelled.
  • Do marks really reflect what students know, or are they just the results of a given stressful situation?

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