7 Winning Techniques That Will Make You Essay Stand Out

A winning essay is one which makes the reader feel as if they cannot read it. It lures the reader in with a great opening paragraph, holds their attention with interesting content and viable evidence that supports your major thesis, and has a great conclusion that makes the reader think more about the topic the writer has presented, even after the essay has ended. Writing a great essay is easy, and I’m going to tell you how to write an essay that stands out for not only its uniqueness but for being well written as well.

  1. Make sure your essay has a great introduction that really makes the reader want to dive in and read it.
  2. One trick when writing introductions is to begin with an alarming or startling fact about your topic that the writer might not know about.

  3. Make sure you have a clearly stated thesis statement, that sets out the purpose of your essay.
  4. A thesis statement tells the reader what the paper will be about in very clear terms. Your thesis can be stated in the first person point of view. For example, you could say something to the effect of “In this essay, I’m going to discuss how global warming is beginning to threaten many of our most precious polar animal species.” Or your thesis statement might be in the third person point of view—and all you have to do is drop the “In this essay I will discuss” part and say simply, “Global warming is beginning to threated the existence of many of our most precious polar species.”

  5. Your body paragraphs must be full of evidence to support your thesis
  6. Here, you want to weave research from good, quality sources into your own insights.

  7. Make sure to cite your sources according to the proper format.
  8. Whether you’re using APA or MLA you want your quotes and research properly cited.

  9. Spell Check is not the Perfect Proofreader
  10. Spell check makes mistakes—you are your best proofreader.

  11. Do not just proofread once—Proofread at least three times
  12. One great revision tip is to revise once with paper and pen, to revise again after that, and then to read the paper aloud, so that you can hear, as well as see, your errors.

  13. Give yourself more than enough time to write and revise the paper.
  14. Allow yourself more than a week, even for a shorter paper.

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