How To Write An Essay On Free Time- 5 Useful Hints

For most people writing is not their thing. They haven’t mastered the art of writing an essay so to them it is a chore. It is something that makes their skin crawl or causes an issue. You don’t have to be one of those people. You can easily write essays in your free time by following some useful hints.

Now you are thinking that writing essays in your free time does not seem like a fun thing to do. However, if you knew that you can make a pretty good chunk of change writing papers in your free time that may change your tune. Many people have found that they can take this seemingly useless talent and turn it into cash. But first they have to master the art so that it is easy and not a chore.

  1. Write about topics that you know
  2. Always choose to write about topics that you know about. It will just make the whole process a lot easier because you won’t be trying to do the research and writing the paper. If you have to do research on the topic make your client pay a little more to make up for your time.

  3. Create an outline
  4. Always write an outline even if it is a simple one on a napkin in lipstick. You just need to put your main ideas down and make sure that they are presented logically.

  5. Follow a format
  6. Choose a formatting style that works for you. The most common one is the five paragraph essay formatting style which is great for most essays. It includes an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

  7. Be engaging and interesting
  8. Let your personality shine through your writing. You don’t want to present a dull and lifeless piece because nobody will want to read it. You want to still sound professional and use good grammar and correct spelling but let your reader know that they are talking to a person and not a computer.

  9. Edit your work
  10. Make sure that you always check your work for errors to make sure that there are no mistakes. The worst thing a professional writer can do is not write professionally.

If you can follow these simple hints, you can probably make a small fortune writing papers in your spare time.

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