Creating A Literary Comparative Essay: Seven Great Suggestions

A comparative essay is quite a complicated assignment as it is, and it can be especially tough when it’s necessary to compare two pieces of literature, two literature characters or other things like that. It’s not necessary two items from the same piece of literature. Teachers often expand boundaries of students’ knowledge, asking them to compare, for example, representation of female characters in works of different authors who belong to different epochs.

So, if you want to compose a winning literary comparative essay, follow the essential tips that are listed below.

  • - Determine the topic and its boundaries.
  • If you are supposed to choose a topic on your own, make sure that you are choosing something you can speak about, something that can be backed up with a significant base of reference material.

  • - Determine similar and opposite features.
  • Once you have determined the topic and pieces of literature that need to be compared, you can proceed to find what, namely, the who compared objects have in common and which their features are different. There is no deep comparison without determining the points that make these items differ. In case your task is simply to compare two pieces of literature, you should find certain criteria that will help you do the comparison, like the representation of certain characters, description of social collisions, etc.

  • - Create a short outline.
  • An outline is a structure that allows you building your essay in a logical way, without skipping or forgetting anything. Don’t skip the outline, and you will have a well-built essay without blank spots and unclear connections.

  • - Develop a thesis statement.
  • It’s a short phrase that explains the idea of your research in several words, to let your readers know what you are presenting and why it’s important.

  • - Compose an introduction.
  • It’s the hook that catches readers or lets them slip away. A catchy introduction that’s able to grab readers attention is one of the most important parts of your essay.

  • - Proceed to the body.
  • Body paragraphs are normally distributed like one paragraph – one argument/one thought. If you have already determined what you are going to compare, you will know how many paragraphs you will have. Don’t make too many paragraphs. Neither is it a good idea to stretch your thoughts and make the body part too vague. Speak your mind and back it up with reliable reference data.

  • - Compose conclusions.
  • The conclusions you make should resound with the introduction and show that you have achieved the goals that were stated in the very beginning.

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