Hypertension is also known as high blood pressure. It can be traced with prominent symptoms that might eventually lead to, often fatal problems such as heart attack, heart failure, and dementia and in some rare cases incurable kidney diseases. A lot of people are familiar with the various problems that hypertension can pose on the health of individuals. This is the reason why a lot of people do not understand how to control their blood pressure. In often cases when the blood pressure rises, a lot of people do not know how it is affecting not just the health of their heart but also their overall health.

It is not rare for various adults to succumb to the tortures of hypertension. This is why it is suggested that individuals get their blood pressure checked regularly.

What Does Hypertension Mean?

The main purpose of the heart is to ensure that the entire body is functioning well. This is done so by supplying oxygen through blood to the organs, muscles and most importantly the brain. Considering how far the brain and the bodily organs is from the heart, there is a certain blood pressure required to ensure the blood is reaching all the parts of the human body in an unhindered way. It is the alteration of this blood pressure that can lead to various problems. Imagine if your brain is not supplied with enough oxygen and a certain part of it dies as a result. This might lead to various issues such dementia. Similarly, a slow pressure of the blood to and from the heart might lead to various heart diseases and a fast rate of blood flow can lead to heart attacks.

Measuring Blood Pressure

Over the years, measuring blood pressure has become remarkably easy for people with the help of a BP apparatus. There are two readings that come on the apparatus, these are:

  • Systolic pressure – this is the reading of the rate at which the heart pumps blood out to the body.
  • Diastolic pressure – this is the reading of the rate at which two heart beats. This is measurement that shows the strength with which the blood is being expelled.

Hence, normal blood pressure reading is considered to be 120 by 70. The above reading is your systolic pressure and the reading below is the diastolic.

Who Should Be Careful?

It is important to be careful about your health at all times but there are some people who must be concerned with it slightly more than others. The risk of various diseases increases with age and certain habits such as smoking et cetera. Hence if you are above sixty are obese, if you suffer from a high blood pressure or eat food that contains a lot of salt, or if you lack in the area of physical movement then the chances of you getting a heart attack are higher. This is because all the above directly impact the rate of your blood pressure.

There are ways to control hypertension, make sure you follow them and live a healthy life.

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