Importance Of Keeping Appointment

Keeping an appointment is to be on time and being on time demonstrates diligence and dependability. However, in recent times, people have innumerable explanations for not being on time. People hold personal and professional obligations as reasons to get away from their own obligations in keeping appointments. Time is a precious resource and maintaining appointments is an important attribute essential for success in life.

Making an appointment is a promise to meet at a defined time, and adhering to it strengthens and reveals integrity. It also indicates that you honor your commitments and can be trusted. This in turn impacts business relationships and projects a positive impression. Since it is a promise, not maintaining appointments can amount to stealing. This is because the other person has been robbed of the time waiting for you, which he will never get back.

Being on time not only builds self-confidence, but others consider such a person to be dependable. Besides, it reveals how one values time. Adhering to schedules reduces the pressure of time and possibly results in better decision-making. One is more in control of the situation because one is not under pressure; being calm leads to improved decision-making. It also indicates self-discipline and this in itself is a valuable attribute. People try to pack in more productivity into the time they have which can be disastrous. They not only fail to keep appointments, but in the rush to do too many things at the same time, they end making a mess of the work in hand. Being late for appointments can be a source of stress; it might impact the outcome of the meeting and the presentation. It can also lead to strained relationships be it at the workplace or in the personal life. In addition, missing appointments can take a toll on one’s life. It can lead to lost opportunities; lead to embarrassment forcing one to come up with lame excuses; and make life more complicated.

Being on time was a way of showing respect to others, according to George Washington, and he expected others to show him the same respect. Appointments are a part of life both in personal and professional fields. However, unless one values one’s own time, respects himself and has self-discipline, it is not possible to expect him to respect and value others’ time.

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