Osama bin Laden

In 1957, a Syrian mother bore a son, and named him Osama bin Laden. According to history, this was the seventh son of the Syrian mother, among fifty sisters and brothers. Notably, “bin Laden” was a name inherited from his father; by the name Mohamed bin Laden. The father was a rich owner of a construction company in the kingdom. In this regard, it is essential to understand that Osama bin Laden came from a royal family. With the above few introductory remarks, it is worth noting that this essay briefly assesses the life of Osama bin Laden.

Arguably, the rich environment that his father had, was an added advantage to Osama’s life. At a tender age of thirteen, Osama bin Laden was exposed greately. Four years later, he married a Syrian girl, whom reliable sources affirm that was a relative of Osama. The seventeen-year-old boy grew as a religious devoted person. Bergen argues that his marriage life helped him not to engage in sleaze, and therefore, he lived honoring religious dogma. Undoubtedly, this was a good foundation for the boy.

Osama bin Laden honored learning; therefore, he was an educated man. He was able to trail his education to University level in Jeddah. The year 1981, marked his degree attainment in public administration, from King Abdul-Aziz collage. In this regard, it is obvious that Osama bin Laden was educated despite his former marriage, and his father’s death. Possibly, this rich educational setting is what rendered him the ability to abide in a political strict environment of the world.

Religious commitment had a heavy influence on his spirit. Referable to the general Islamic commitment he had, Islamic responsibility began to shape his judgments. He extended his father’s habit of hosting pilgrims during the Hajj season, where, renowned scholars attended. Through this gathering, he was in a good position to make good relations and contacts. Gradually, through contacts and relationships that he encountered with Afghanistanians, his dominance began.

In conclusion, Osama bin Laden was a learned man. However, a very dedicated person when it came to religious doctrine. His father gave him a better platform, since through him; Osama bin Laden was able to propel togetherness of the Islamic people. To curb it all, to be the person who had influence in Islamic religion, his father was a core propellant.

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