How to Write an Essay: Handy Tips for Dummies

Here are some tips to help anyone with writing an essay, no matter the type, they all follow basic rules. The type is all that is different, and how that type is written, but still the basics are the same.

  1. Outline
  2. Notes
  3. Introduction
  4. Body
  5. Conclusion
  6. Research


After the topic is picked, and the research done, always outline the essay. Make a detailed essay that covers all parts of the essay; introduction, body, and conclusion, as well as any other parts the instructor has requested. Show where what resources will be used, so they can be led into, and where any graphs, charts, images will be used.


Always make two sets of notes. One is for the notes for the essay, what points were found that are going to be used. Be sure to show where they came from, for the second set of notes. In here copy and paste is perfectly ok, as this is where the working references are being placed, to be used. In the second set of notes, make a detailed list of references that were used. Put in it, everything that will be used in the bibliography, so that the reference can be made in accordance to the style being used: Page, author, title, publisher, dates published, and read, website, everything.


This is the section that should attract the reader! Make sure the catch line is strong. Then a strong statement on the problem, your view, and the reader’s outline.


This is the meat of the article. It will either follow the introduction, or any other parts the instructor wants; methodology, history, anything they request. Be sure to have solid references to back up the work. Make factual statements, even when stating your observations. All statements should also be well founded, and concise.


This is the ending of your work. Be sure to close any open issues, and present a solid closing for the piece. Reiterate any major points, and direct the reader’s thoughts where you need them to go. The reader needs to finish the essay without any questions you do not want them asking.


Solid and thorough research, is a must for any essay! Every essay should have between one reference for every 100-150 words. All references have to be cited in the work, and referenced in the bibliography as stated in the style format.

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