The Significance Of Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture is often considered to be an art form that deals with the design of parks and other outdoor recreational facilities that involve nature. However, it is not limited to that. Landscape architecture is a branch of architecture that deals with the environmental effect of such spaces and how they can improve the overall living conditions. It extends to appealing to the aesthetics while providing with a natural habitat that promotes healing and positivity.

Here are 3 reasons why the subject of landscape architecture has been receiving increasing popularity.

  1. 1. Economy – improvising and utilizing landscape architecture can prove to be economically rewarding. It has a direct impact on tourism, increasing the returns. Moreover, it plays a considerable role in appreciating the value of a property. Moreover, it also provides with job opportunities. Closeness to nature has also been reported to increase productivity which eventually leads to financial success.
  2. 2. Environment – plants conserve the environment in a number of ways. They protect the leakage of nitrates into water streams. They also help keep the soil from eroding. This can be especially helpful in controlling floods in extremely rainy seasons. Plants product oxygen and inhale carbon dioxide which improves the quality of the air and indirectly, the quality of life for humans. They also play a pivotal role in maintaining the level of different gases in the air. Moreover, each region has its own plants to flaunt which has made them a kind of identity.
  3. 3. Lifestyle – encouraging landscape architecture is a lifestyle choice. Gardening can be a hobby as well as an exercise at the same time. Thus, it can keep you busy while you do something good for the environment and be healthier. One may even make a little kitchen garden and grow organic food. Horticulture is also recommended as a therapy for quite a few diseases. It is supposed to have healing powers because there is peace associated with it. It is especially said to help people with Alzheimer. It also releases stress and is a great activity for people with depression. Since plantation improves learning, landscape architecture is also an excellent way to improve learning among the young and old.

The importance of a healthier environment cannot be undermined. Hence, landscape architecture holds immense significance in many different departments of life. It improves the quality of life physically, mentally as well as spiritually.

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