Was The Summary Execution Of Osama Bin Laden By Us Special Forces Legal?

Osama Bin laden was one of the most wanted terrorist of Al-Qaeda. He had been responsible for raiding down the twin towers and killing thousands of people in US after aircraft hijack. The assassination of Osama took place in Pakistan on May 2nd 2011 after a secret operation run by USA Navy seal. He was shot dead in his own hideout mansion. It was quite a successful project run by Navy seal under the guardianship of president Obama. Many applauds and cheers were made for them however suddenly after Osama’s death all fingers were raised towards US government and questions were raised if the killing was legal? Was it justified to kill an international terrorist in foreign soil without any formal permissible action on papers?

Many speculation were made regarding his death, claims were also made that Osama was ready to surrender however SEAL killed him for bringing justice for those thousands death he was responsible for. US officials were asked “Why Obama Got Killed & Not Arrested?” US Officials settled the dust by forging their statement that Osama never wanted to surrender. He was killed due to his open fire over commandos on mission.

The demise of the Osama was necessary to end all the threats and conflicts he has portrayed over years to USA and other countries. He prepared many plans for upcoming attacks in several years. On a broader level military explained the act of encounter as a self-defense. Osama was a key commander for many terrorist organizations and terrorist activities worldwide.

As per standard international law any country is free to enter the premises of foreign soil to intervene against any national security threat. No doctrine will be required in such case. The motive was to knock a criminal. In the entire operation no harm was done to any of the civilian. In a way the operation lead to encounter Osama Bin Laden was legal.

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