Lolita: An Overview

Lolita is an English novel written by a famous writer Vladimir Nabokov which has been firstly published in 1955 in Paris. It was also published in New York and London in 1958 and 1959 respectively. This novel was also translated in to the Russian language by a Russian author. The novel was remain noteworthy due to its subject which was in controversies. In this an old literature professor gets obsessed with a 12 year old and having physical relationships with her after being her stepfather. This book attained the status of classic in a very short span. The film has also been released in 1962 based upon this book. Lolita has also been remain in the top 100 best English novels in time magazine list. Lolita stand on the fourth number in the modern library list of best 100 novels of 20th century in 1998. As per the critics notation the novel is narrative by the Humbert as there is a lack in the description of the many details about the Lolita. Some critics also noted that Lolita has been remain in silence by not being narrator of the book. There is also lack in the description of the feeling of the Lolita as there are very few times when author express her views about the situation so here the reader has to surmised it most of the time by himself only. As the story has been narrated by the Humbert so the most readers got stuck in the feeling of Humbert than the Lolita which has been represented as the main character as per the title of the novel. An actor Brian cox who plays role of Humbert in stage monologue 2009 has also stated that this novel is not about the Lolita as a flesh rather it is a memory of Lolita. He also stated in the concluding remark that the stage monologue will be much good and truer for the book as compare to the any film. In added up to this as per the review of New York Times Humbert is the every person who has been driven in desires and wanted his Lolita very badly. This desire makes him forget to consider her as the human being and which makes her flesh for the every such a desirable person.

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