Useful Advice On How To Get Examples Of Argument Essays For Free

A sample argumentative essay gives you an idea of how to present a clear argument in your thesis statement, development and the ideas used to support your assertion. It shows how to present the ideas in a simplified manner and in a grammatically correct way. Because of the distinct way of presenting the ideas in this category, check if the sample contains the following:

  • An appropriate thesis statement- this is the sentence that states your stand in an argument. It is written in one or two sentences and must be an open statement that can be debated. Sentences that describe or explain events or situations do not fit in this category.
  • A clear introductory argument- the argument must be clear from the beginning of the essay. Introductory remarks must include data that supports the argument being made by the sample. This data and support statistics are the basis of the argument that is developed within the paper. Failure to develop a good case at the beginning means that your essay will not be compelling to the readers.
  • A clear argumentative topic- the topic must generate debate in your mind at first sight. By following the topic, you are given an idea of how to craft your topic. The topic can be used to brainstorm because it offers examples on how yours should appear.
  • An argumentative outline- the layout of the essay should be systematic with enough support materials. This includes graphics and images that support the line of argument stated in the topic. You should have a clear idea of pictorial arguments before including them in your essay. The charts and images included must be of high quality to enhance your stand.
  • Well placed quotations- whenever another writer is quoted, it must be attributed. The quotation is also explained to give it relevance in the discussion. The manner of quotation depends on the writing and formatting style that you are required to use. When selecting a sample paper, ensure that it is written in a style that is similar to what you are required to use. This helps you avoid confusing several writing and formatting styles which lowers the quality of your work.

The right example indicates how yours will appear once it is completed. This calls for clarity on what is expected of you. The sample essay must capture the elements that define an argumentative essay.

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