Cherokee Removal

The United States of America government passed a law in 1830 that allowed the federal government to remove Indians of the Cherokee Nation from their homelands. The purpose of the 1830 Act was to allow the United States of America to expand its territory into lands that were in the western part of the Mississippi River. The reasoning for the expansion to the western portion of the Mississippi River was because of the rich soil land that the Cherokee Indians were occupying and living on. Many White Homesteaders wanted the land in the Cherokee Nation because it was rich soil land that was perfect for farming and grazing cattle. Also, many White Men wanted to mine the lands for gold.

The 1830 law that required the Cherokee Indians to give up all of their land in the western part of the Mississippi was not a fair law for the Cherokee Indians. The law only benefitted the White Homesteaders who wanted the good Indian land to build and develop for farming. The government under the law of 1830 exchanged the Mississippi River land, owned by the Cherokee Indians, with land that was horrible and less desirable as farm land and grazing land. The land that the 1830 Act provided to the Indians in exchange for the Mississippi River land was located in the west in states like South Dakota, North Dakota, Nevada, and New Mexico.

The side effects of the many Indian Removal Acts passed by the United States government, beginning with President Andrew Jackson, on many Indian Tribes are as follows:

  1. Many tribe nations were wept out due to disease, illness, and warfare.
  2. Many tribal lands have been lost by Native Americans to the US government for the benefit of White Men.
  3. Many reasons for the removal of Indians from their tribal lands was due to the greed of the White Man.
  4. The most famous side effect from the Removal Acts, beginning in the 1800s, was the famous “Trails of Tears”.

The “Trails of Tears” happened during the early 1800s when the Cherokee Nation gave up their tribal lands in the western part of the Mississippi River. The main tribal land that the Cherokees were forced to give up was in the State of Georgia. The main reason for the “Trails of Tears” is that the White Man wanted to settle Georgia for gold that was discovered there. When gold was discovered in the early 1800s in Georgia, there was a mad rush by White Men to go out there and mine the Indian Tribal lands for gold. The same thing occurred when gold was discovered in some Western States and again many Indian Tribes were forced to give up their lands. In the end, many Indian Tribes were forced on to Indian Reservations. Many Indian Tribes are still being negatively affected by the Removal Acts passed in the 1800s.

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