Writing A Descriptive Essay About A Person: Where To Get A Good Example?

When you write a descriptive essay about a person, it should present a narrative and vivid image of a person revealing every bit of his detail through sensory observations. The language should be so powerful that your descriptive essay brings life into the character. There are many good examples that you can refer on web and books going through which, you can make your writing an impeccable piece.

If the writer of the descriptive essay had a close association with the character, in that case some significant examples of his real life can be mentioned as they will create a heavy impact.

Basically, writing a descriptive essay involves 5 steps and these are

Prewriting: In this phase, the student should deliberately think as in who is the influential character he has been inspired with? What are his qualities? Is the person worldwide renowned or holds significance for him individually or a group of people only? Apart from discussing physical characteristics, emotional aspects should also be discussed. Organizing the content and creating the outline is important in prewriting step.

Drafting: This step should enrich the reader with a heavy experience. The descriptive essay should put the words in such a way that an image is visible to reader sensing the feelings. Instead of showing that the house was old, itโ€™s good to say that the walls were discolored and cracked and were frowning and shedding tears with wrinkled creaks.

Revision: Here the writer should review the content and modify it to reorganize his work appropriately. A few considerations should be focused-

  • A clear state of the paragraphs linking with each other
  • Convey of emotions
  • Enough details to present complete image of the chosen person, object etc.
  • Is conclusion drawn is in respect to written content/
    • Editing: Here the content should be proofread in terms of grammar and mechanical part paying due attention on writing style focusing eminently on clarity. Load adjectives and adverbs if required. Check out the troubles and edit them with a new perspective.

      Publishing: Off course, anybody who has written a content on his own is little hesitant to discuss it with the public in terms of good or bad response. It could be either exciting or bit scary. Nobody is perfect in the beginning and you should be open to new learning experiences. Take the feedback in an affirmative way to make your descriptive essay more fruitful and influential.

      Follow these tips genuinely and practice them a few numbers of times to make it a great hit.

      Happy writing!

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