Amish Women

Amish Women are perfect wives and mothers in their community. Before marriage, an Amish woman may accomplish the role of a teacher or she may work in stores selling handcrafted items. After marriage, she must stay home and take good care of her children and husband. She might also be of help on the farm. An Amish woman is also accustomed to doing crafts and canning foods. However, a married Amish woman will not be allowed to teach or work for someone else. On the contrary, a young unmarried Amish woman is allowed to work at the farmer’s market. There is a stark difference between being single and becoming a married woman in the Amish community. All in all, can Amish women have a career in their community?

A Woman’s Life in the Amish Community

It seems impossible for a married Amish woman to have a career. Her daily responsibilities are taking care of her home, her children as well as her husband. Still, the Amish woman works all day long keeping all her family satisfied. In some marriages, there are different tasks for men and women. Moreover, some marriages may be arranged while others are made in love. Unmarried or maiden ladies as well as Amish widows work outside their home or do some regular work for the Bishop.

The home for the Amish women is the center of their lives. It is the place where their children are born and raised. Amish women usually give birth to their babies at home with the help of a midwife or sometimes, they go to the hospital. Today, the Amish women prefer to give birth to their children at home in case there are no complications. Giving birth to babies at home is the option taken even by the modern women who reject the antiseptic atmosphere of the hospital.

Modern versus Amish

Modern women who have careers may envy the life of Amish women, as they are respected for the work they do as well as for their family life. Furthermore, there is no divorce in such a community, which is different from the modern world. In the modern society, if a woman is unhappy with her marriage, she has the choice to get a divorce. The Amish woman has no choice, as her marriage lasts all her life. However, the Amish women are fighters against the whole societal system so that they can educate their children in their own schools. Therefore, Amish women are supposed to be:

  • perfect mothers and wives;
  • educators of their own children;
  • teachers for their community;
  • hard workers for their families.

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