Influences Of Graffiti

Graffiti is seen by some as an art form and by others as reckless, damaging behaviour. There is actually a very strong influence to graffiti that includes music, culture, and an element of rebellious behaviour. But should we remove the rebellious element out of graffiti and see it as an opportunity to allow youngsters to express themselves? If such a system should be implemented, how would we go about it?

The cultures that influence graffiti

There are three major factors that influence graffiti: music, culture, and rebellion. Hip-hop music plays a large part of graffiti and always has. Since the conception of hip-hop, part of the activities of those who performed or listened to hip-hop included what was then known as ‘tagging’. This has since evolved over the decades and has now become more of an act of rebellion than a recreational activity. The culture seems to have changed over the years from one that embraced graffiti as an art form, to one that sees it as an outlet for rage against society. However, this was not the intention from the beginning.

Vandals or artists?

There is no denying that spraying paint on a wall cannot always be considered art. Many kids do so out of pure rebellion and the result is an eyesore. However there is a category of person who creates truly amazing artistic feats, ones that are an absolute pleasure to look at. Those who create this type of art clearly have a talent that cannot be denied. However, a lack of creative freedom forces them to create this art on places that it is illegal to do so. For this reason, these ‘artists’ are often regarded as vandals.

Suggestions to accommodate graffiti artists

Graffiti should be embraced as an art form once again and there should be dedicated spots where it can be done at will. Graffiti locations could become as common as skate parks or dance venues so that it can be again associated with creative freedom instead of rebellious shenanigans. Graffiti competitions are another idea that will encourage the repair of this activity’s reputation.

The rebellious aspect we associate with graffiti is really just a mindset that needs changing. If we can harness the artistic flair that graffiti artists have, who knows where it could lead. Opening up this activity as an accepted form of expression will soon do away with the stigma it has always had.

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