First Gulf War (1990)

In 1990, Iran and Iraq and ended their cease-fire and started to negotiate a peace treaty. Saddam Hussein appeared ready to cooperate, dissolve the conflict, and return territories if you'd once occupied. Yet, two weeks after foreign ministers had met in Geneva; a speech was delivered by Saddam Hussein accusing Kuwait of siphoning crude oil along the border. He insisted that a rocks foreign debt to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia be canceled.

The Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein ordered the Iraqi army to invade and occupy Kuwait in the beginning of August. Nearby Eric Powers including Egypt and Saudi Arabia were alarmed by this action and called upon Western nations such as the United States to intervene. The United Nations Security Council demanded that the troops withdraw from Kuwait by January of the following year. But Saddam Hussein ignored this. With his defiance, the gulf war began. 42 days of attacks were led in the air and on the ground. This was directed by George Bush, president at the time. During this time many of the Iraqi forces in Kuwait flood or surrendered. Nonetheless a cease-fire was not declared until February 28. This war was initially considered a success, one which reflected well on international coalitions. But it has led to the second Gulf War due to the simmering conflict that continued to trouble that area.

The first Gulf War took place from 1990 until 1991. At the time it was given the code name Operation Desert Shield. This war was waged by a mass of coalition forces compiled of 34 countries. It has been given other names such as the Kuwait War and the Persian Gulf War. It was started when the Iraq Army occupied Kuwait. This move was met with economic sanctions and a large coalition that equaled to the largest military alliance that the world had seen since the Second World War.

For this particular war, the United States paid sixty billion dollars in total costs and Saudi Arabia paid thirty six billion. The war has live broadcasts by news agencies on the front lines, the majority of which came from CNN. The war was designed to remove Iraqi troops from Kuwait. It started with five weeks of naval and aerial bombardment. After five weeks, ground troops were sent in. Only 100 hours after the ground campaign began did the Iraqi forces declare a cease fire.

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