Make It Perfect: Beowulf Essay Topics For Different Essay Types

Beowulf is the most extended epic poem written in Old English. It is a story of an eponymous hero and his battles with a monster, Grendel. It’s a very old saga. It may seem that there have been so many essays written about this brave man over time that it is impossible to find something else. However, this story is also quite philosophical, as it tells about the good and the bad. Thus, it leaves a lot of space for everybody’s views.

If you don’t have any ideas for an essay about Beowulf, here are some examples:

Narrative Essays

  • If you could become a hero, would you?
  • You need to imagine yourself being an epic character. Would you dare yourself to do something dangerous for the sake of others? Express your attitudes towards fame and glory. Tell whether you have already experienced such a situation.

  • Express your opinion towards violence.
  • Beowulf fights Grendel and rips his arms off. Is cruelty acceptable when it comes to doing something good? Have you ever done anything cruel?

  • Is revenge just a medieval issue?
  • Grendel’s mother avenges her son. Would you rather get revenge or forgive your enemy? Have you ever behaved in either way?

Descriptive Essays

  • How has the need of heroes changed over time?
  • Think of the time of Beowulf and today. What is different between the two societies’ needs? Have people become more self-sufficient, or do they still need somebody to help them when in trouble?

    Does good always overcome evil?
  • Depict the everlasting conflict between the moral and the cruel based on the adventures of “Beowulf.”

Expository Essays

  • Why do people need a hero instead of acting on their own?
  • You’ll need to analyze people’s psychological needs in help and protection.

  • Research whether murder can be justified.
  • Beowulf was given much honor after killing Grendel’s mother. What’s today’s society’s opinion on murder? How are killings caused by soldiers accepted?

  • People take risks to jump into dangerous situations sometimes.
  • Think of the motives that control people in hazardous situations and make them behave the way they usually wouldn’t act.

  • Think whether glory lives forever or only for a short period of time.
  • The story of Beowulf culminates 50 years after the initial events. A dragon appears there and the king calls the hero. Thus, people remembered about this brave man. Is it the same in real life, or does triumph remain only until people stop talking about it?

Persuasive Essays

    “Dragons” and “Grendels” still exist today.

    Do you agree with this statement?

    You’ll need to think of modern society’s drawbacks.

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