Advantages Of Living As A Vegetarian

Being a vegetarian is often criticized by non-vegetarians who believe that meat and other similar foods are a blessing and must be consumed. However, being a vegetarian is a lifestyle choice and it is often considered better living as a vegetarian. Here are some advantages of being a vegan.

Safety Against Chronic Diseases

Vegetarians have a healthier diet in terms of their consumption of fat and high cholesterol foods. This means that they are less susceptible to diseases related to blood pressure or obesity. They are also less prone to contracting heart diseases. Moreover, if the diet essentially consists of vegetables, the risk and genetic probability of getting diabetes and cancer also reduces to quite an extent.

Controls Weight

Because of the healthy diet, vegetarians do not have to worry a lot concerning their weight. Such people reportedly have a lower BMI and subsequently, do not gain a lot of weight.

Thyroid Friendly

Issues with the thyroid after a certain age are common, especially among women. Being a vegetarian helps in that department as well and makes the probability of contracting hyperthyroidism very low.

No Cataract Development

When compared to meat diets, a study concluded that people who strictly follow a vegetarian diet are least probable to develop cataract.

Easy on Kidneys

A vegan diet is friendlier to the kidneys. Moreover, people who have already contracted some chronic kidney illness can improve on their condition by going vegetarian. The all-veggies diet is good at controlling acidic levels of the body. It also helps keep the phosphate levels in check. This return helps the kidney.

Environmentally Friendly

Resources that are used to breed animals can be used to invest in farming for humans instead. This is one of the main issues that vegetarians also have against the non-vegetarians. If that extra resource is used for humans, so many more people can be fed. Moreover, livestock farming also erodes the topsoil layer which becomes less productive as a result.

Better Skin

Vegetarians tend to have a diet rich in Vitamin E and A which results in glowing skin. People who might have blemishes also experience improvement once they switch their diet.

There are a lot of benefits associated with a vegetarian diet. There are also the downsides though. People primarily living on vegetables often suffer from a deficiency of Vitamin B12. This may cause multiple issues. However, a supplement can correct the situation.

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