Developing Essay Writing Skills: A Complete Tutorial

It is not expected of you to be born a good writer, writing good essays and papers requires the mastering of technique and developing writing skills. This website works as a great resource for more help in developing these writing skills. For now, here is a quick tutorial to get you started on your practice:

Steps to take to develop essay writing skills

  1. 1. Start off by making a list of all the major points you would like to include in your essay. You might want to do some research on the topic so that you can add more points to the list of the things you already know about the subject.
  2. 2. Make an outline for your essay next. Whatever the desired word count of the essay is supposed to be, remember that every good essay has an introduction and a conclusion. Next make an outline for the main headings of the rest of paragraphs that will go into the body of your essay. You don’t need to include these headings in your final essay, but this ‘Table of Contents’ will help you visualize what the essay will look like.
  3. 3. The next step is to start elaborating on these points. Next to each main header, start making notes on how you would best describe the logic of the point. You can make comparisons, refer to other sources and include quotes, etc. Each of these pointers can be turned into separate paragraphs, but you must make sure they all still relate to the main subject of your essay.
  4. 4. Another thing to remember is that every paragraph should make a smooth transition into the next one. Try constructing the last sentence of each paragraph as a sort of connection with the next or an introduction to the subject of the next one. This will provide a logical flow to your overall essay.
  5. 5. Pay attention to the word count. Allow yourself a short leeway as to how short or long you want to fall from the assigned word count. It takes skill to be able to write everything you want to say within the assigned word limit.

The best advice you can receive about improving on essay writing - is practice. The more you write, the better you will get at it, which is the same as any other practiced skill. The sooner you realize this, the more you can practice and the better you will be at your essays.

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