What Makes An Excellent Essay Writer: Basic Criteria

So you’ve got an essay to write, and maybe you know that you will have more to write in the future. And you want to be the best essay writer that you possibly can be. Luckily for you, with a little preparation and hard work it isn’t too difficult to accomplish. Here are some things you might want to consider as you get started:

  • Be organized. This one is important. It’s hard to become an excellent writer when your thoughts, notes, etc. are scattered around willy-nilly. So get organized. Make lists and keep all of your supplies organized and in one place. An organized work area helps you to keep your thoughts clear and work more efficiently.
  • Make an outline. It’s easier to write a high-quality essay when you get your idea down on paper before you begin. That way you make sure to cover everything that you intended to cover and it prevents you from rambling.
  • Research your topic well. Make sure to research your topic well before you begin. You’ll want to look at your topic from every angle so that your essay will be as objective as possible. So research your topic well and get all of the information on it that you can before you begin. You can find a wealth of information online, in your textbook, and at your local library.
  • Cite your sources. One of the biggest things you want to take into consideration is credibility. Without credibility, your essay isn’t even worth the paper it’s written on. So cite your sources. It’s not hard to do, and there are many sources online that will show you the basic format that you should use. Even better, Microsoft Word has a built in feature that will help you complete your citations by filling out a simple form. Just select which style of citation you’ll be using from the drop-down menu on the references tab. Most instructors prefer the MLA format.
  • Find your balance. It’s hard to know where to draw the line between rambling and being too concise. For the most part, this is a matter of personal judgement. Just try to find a balance somewhere in the middle and you’ll be fine.

And now you’re ready to begin. Best of luck to you as you begin your journey toward becoming an excellent essay writer.

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