The Hunger Games

The hunger games is a science fiction adventure movie acted in 2012 in America. The film is founded on Suzanne Collins’ novel referred to The Hunger Games. The actors and actress of the film include Jennifer Lawrence, Stanley Tucci, Josh Hutcherson, Elizabeth Banks, Liam Hemsworth, Lenny Kravitz, Woody Harrelson and Donald Sutherland.

Development of the Hunger Games

The hunger games development was initiated in 2009 when Color Force and Lions Gate Entertainment agreed to co-product. Ray and Ross collaborated with Collins to write the Hunger Games screenplay. The casting of main characters was done in 2011 between the month of March and May. The film was shot in North Carolina the same year.

The scene of the film involves dystopian post-apocalyptic imminent in Panem nation, whereby both girls and boys between twelve and eighteen years took place in an annual sporting activity which was referred to as the Hunger Games. The competitors were mandated to fight to the death. The fighting had to continue until there was only a single competitor left who was then crowned as the winner. The film starts with main character, Lawrence (KatnissEverdeen) deciding to take the position her younger sister in the hunger games. Katniss therefore went to Capitol to prepare herself for the games under former champion, Hutcherson (PeetaMellark) guidance.

The film was initially played in France on twenty first November, in the year 2011. Two days later, the film was once again played in United States of America. Japan was the last nation where the film was played.

The Success of the Hunger Film

The hunger games film got positive appraisals from opponents, with compliments for its messages and subject matters. The Katniss role exhibited by Jennifer Lawrence was as well appraised. However, the use of shaky cam in the film’s action order was criticized. Similarly to the Hunger Games novel, the received criticisms due to its likeness to other people works such as Battle Royale novelof japan, The Lottery short stories by Shirley Jackson among others. Nevertheless, the use of Theseus myth, reality television, and Roman gladiatorial games drew much inspirations to the film.

The film elementst received various awards. The safe and sound music received the Grammy Award and was as well nomination for the golden globe award for the best original music. Lawrence, the main character in the film received the Saturn award and the empire award for the best female actor, the broadcast film critic’s association award for the best actress in action movie, and was as well nomination in the New York Film Critics Circle Award for the best female actor.

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